Construction & Electrical


OPTIMACOM opens the civil and electrical area as part of its strategy to provide integrated services in the telecommunications area.

This area makes a focuses on the construction of telecommunications towers, civil and electrical adjustments, media and low voltage networks, metalworking supplies, structural designs, and other services in accordance with the needs of our customers. We have more than 10 years of experience across the region.

Tower Construction

Optimacom has more than 10 years of experience in the construction of self-supported towers and monopoles. This process according to customers’ needs, ranging from foundation design to tower assembly.

Reins Tension Measurements

An important part of the construction process is the verification of tensions in the rendered towers, OPTIMACOM performs this service in construction structures with reins for the purpose of checking its tension.

Rooftop Construction

Is a process that not only involves the civil area, but also a supervisory team, with which the guidelines of the property administrations and above all the realization of a previous survey of the site conditions.

Medium Voltage Networks

The construction of medium voltage networks are common in the construction of rural sites, where it is necessary.

Civil Adjustments

In existing sites is necessary as new technologies are implemented or growth in network capacity is required, making adjustments such as equipment ware, support installations, ladder installation, among other needs.

Electrical Adjustments

Existing sites require electrical adjustments either due to their vandalization or due to the requirements of new equipment to be installed. Optimacom has electrical engineers and technicians who work with the city area to carry out these adjustments.


Other complementary services of the area are the realization of designs of foundations, construction plans, and calculation of structural reinforcements.

Metalworking Supplies

Optimacom performs the supply of metalworking material, such as support, ladders, and tower structures. The whole process complies with galvanization hot required and requirements of our customers.