RBS Installation (3G/4G/5G)

OPTIMACOM has a team of engineers and technicians for the installation and integration of Cell stations with 3g / 4G and 5G technology. Our staff has extensive experience installing equipment from different manufacturers including Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei among others. Back office center for reporting and control of activities.

Microwave installation and uninstallation

We have qualified staff and back-office team that accompanies these field tasks.

Equipment Installation

Installation, the uninstallation of force equipment, and benches batteries.

Site Survey TSS

This service is carried out with personnel with extensive experience in the installation of equipment and with a back team or support for the realization of the reports according to the client’s needs. These tasks are done under agile methodologies that achieve a positive impact on follow-up and quality of deliverables.

Optical fiber installation

OPTIMACOM has the equipment and human resources to carry out optical fiber lines, pole Installation, and last-mile facilities.

Troubleshooting RBS

Problem-solving requires highly trained staff and the methodology that allows you through ordered checks of measurements to find the fails and solve them.

Renewable energy solutions

Optimacom ventures into the design and supply of renewable solutions designed for stations cell phones Installation of panels, obstruction lights, and luminaires among other services such as data capture humidity, current, voltage, a temperature that could be processed for energy optimization.