OPTIMACOM has an interdisciplinary group dedicated to the execution of projects related to the provision of preventive and corrective maintenance in the telecommunications infrastructure, as well as in the operation of radio equipment.

We have tools for capturing information in the field that allows us to help to keep a better record of activities and a better reporting.

Towers torquing

This procedure ensures that the different bolts of a structure meet the ideal pressure, avoiding future structural problems.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Within a periodic maintenance plan, elements that need a maintenance recurrence are identified and during these visits, possible faults are inspected to correct them.

Tower painting and repair

Cleaning and subsequent painting of towers are carried out, in order to prevent corrosion processes that weaken the metallic structures. Other repairs consist of replacing sections or structures that are unusable due to deterioration and create a hazard at the station.

Equipment maintenance

Poor installation or subsequent manipulation in telecommunications sites cause problems in their operation. Optimacom has a team of crews to attend to failures in the operation of the network and to monitor preventive these possible failures.